Strive Veterinary Management School

Leadership Module


Making it all make sense

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Finance Module


Mastering the numbers

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The 3 Critical

C's Modules


Communication, complance

& creating value

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Operations Module


Getting an handle on systems and procedures

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A premier training school for veterinary practice owners and managers of all levels of experience.  Offering a comprehensive, advanced education all key aspects of practice management, leadership and team development necessary to take your practice to a new level of success.  This caliber of training is not offered anywhere else.

Times Are Changing.

The old adage, “Practice great medicine and the business takes care of itself,” no longer applies to today’s veterinary hospitals. We’ve got to be more proactive and management-savvy than ever before. In fact, we must raise the bar and maintain a new, higher standard to thrive in today’s tougher economic environment.

We need to build our knowledge and expertise in leadership, compliance, quality control, communications, marketing, and finance, to be successful in business.

Yet it is exactly those tasks that quickly cause practice owners, administrators, and managers to burn out. Because the veterinary industry has historically focused only on the medicine, we have not gotten the necessary training in leadership and business-management basics.

There Is an Answer!

I am here to help! I’m Kathy Stinson, and my passion is creating great leaders. I do that by giving you a clear path and the tools you need to come into your own. I’ve been where you are now and made it through. Let me show you how I did it.

Strive Veterinary Management School (SVMS) offers comprehensive, transformational programs that provide the training you and your team need to successfully manage and grow your practices. I have designed the courses to exceed your expectations and catapult you to the next level of management and leadership expertise.

We Simplify Management.

SVMS simplifies all things practice management, giving you a wealth of industry-specific leadership knowledge and expertise. When you implement the techniques that I and my colleagues teach, you will dramatically enhance the efficiency, profitability, and morale of your practice.

You will be able to hit the ground running with fresh, relevant, and practical tools. The knowledge you gain and the skills you build will make a real difference—to you personally, and to your practice. Read more about other attendees’ experience here.

And when hitches do occur—no worries—I offer support! It’s included in the price of each module.


Modules include:

  • Leadership: Making it all Make Sense

  • Finance: Mastering the Numbers

  • Communication: Creating Value with Service

  • Operations: Getting a Handle on Systems and Procedures


All modules are suitable for practice owners, practice managers, supervisors, associate veterinarians, team members who want to take on management responsibilities or managers who want to break into the veterinary industry. Whether you are new to the job or have years of experience, I guarantee you will walk away with new knowledge and skills.


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