Leadership Module


As a veterinary practice owner or manager, there is a tremendous amount of pressure to elevate your team to excellence and fewer resources to do so. If you struggle with inspiring others to be their best, to solve problems, and to follow through on tasks; if interpersonal issues and giving constructive feedback effectively is challenging for you – You are NOT alone .


While you may be highly trained and educated as a veterinarian, technician or other role in the hospital or in administration, you were likely never taught even the basics of leadership.


Strive Veterinary Management School (SVMS) will teach you how to:


  • Sustain  a positive and healthy workplace culture even under pressure

  • Delegate effectively

  • Support and inspire team members to become their best

  • Promote and inspire accountability in others

  • Give constructive criticism while leaving the relationship intact

  • Time Management skills and systems to get it all done

  • The definition of a “leader” has changed. In this four-day comprehensive workshop you will come away with a thorough understanding of what it means to be a strong leader in 2017 and beyond and the skills you need to be successful. The content is pragmatically delivered with a countless tips that you can implement immediately.





All four days include a mix of lectures and workshops to solidify learning.


Day 1

  • State of the Profession

  • Increase Your Leadership Focus

  • True Colors Assessment and Interpretation Leadership

  • Leadership  Foundations

  • Your  Personal Leadership Vision


Day 2

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Constructing a High-Performing Team


Day 3

  • Building a Positive  Culture Under Pressure

  • Setting the Cultural Standard

  • Team-Centered Accountability


Day 4

  • Developing People through Coaching

  • Time Management for Busy People

  • Creating an Action Plan for Success

  • Course Objectives


In the SVMS Leadership module, you will:

  • Identify your leadership strengths and gaps

  • Learn the difference between leading and managing

  • Understand how different personality types are critical to a productive workplace

  • Define your personal leadership vision and values

  • Demonstrate how to communicate with newly developed emotional intelligence skills

  • Build a strong team that performs well, even under pressure

  • Apply techniques for setting individual and team priorities

  • Make a time-management plan

  • Identify opportunities for developing your team members

  • Demonstrate excellent coaching techniques

  • Learn how to create a positive, happy, and healthy work environment

  • Write a functional code of culture and a culture contract

  • Practice important communication skills for increasing accountability in your practice

  • Develop an action plan for further developing and practicing your leadership skillsAnd finally, you will build a community with other veterinary leaders. Not only will you learn and practice new skills in a supportive group of your peers, you will take that support with you!


What’s Included

Your registration includes:

  • 28 hours of face-to-face instruction

  • An action plan for your personal leadership development

  • Follow-up coaching and support from Kathy Stinson (click here for more details)

  • The True Colors personality assessment and booklet (a tool used to learn about behavioural tendencies, strengths, and challenges – a $550 value)

  • An assessment of your emotional intelligence skills, with guidance and interpretation

  • Digital notes

  • Tools and spreadsheets to use as templates and support

  • Scripting samples

  • Breakfast and lunch on each day of the program.


Take the next step in seeking excellence for your veterinary practice and enroll in the SVMS Leadership module. Click here to register today.




Wow, what a superb presentation! The team has NEVER had such a favourable response to a presenter. Many, many positive comments all afternoon and evening. Your dynamic speaking style kept our team fully engaged throughout the presentation. Your “from the front lines” stories and examples were especially helpful in illustrating your important veterinary business teachings. Thanks for getting us fired up with lots of great ideas!

–Marc Glavin, Carp Road Animal Hospital


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