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Strive Coaching Services

A premium professional coaching firm committed to your personal and professional success!

Our overarching goal is to help people and businesses realize limitless and ongoing success

About Us

Strive's founder Kathy Stinson has devoted her career to helping others be their best selves and to live their best lives.
For over 15 years Kathy has been supporting people and workplace teams to reach new levels of success personally and professionally.

Kathy's Story

My career began in veterinary medicine. Since 1994, I have worked as a veterinary nurse, managed practices, and owned practices.

In 2003, I founded a speaking and consulting firm-Strive Veterinary Consulting.

I developed Strive Veterinary Management School in 2014; a program that teaches business owners and managers how to create happy, healthy and profitable work environments.

Although I have worked with a number of non- veterinary businesses over the years, largely my work was within the veterinary world. I have always wanted to expand my non-veterinary work as most work that I do is not veterinary exclusive. After all, people are people, teams are teams, and customers are customers regardless of what industry or profession you are in; there are certain transferable fundamentals that must be in place to success – those fundamentals are my greatest strengths and expertise because they are the root of my greatest passion.

After hearing for years from clients and attendees that they wish that their non-veterinary friend or family member’s boss or team members were in attendance because they could also greatly benefit from my teachings...finally, I have expanded my offerings to the rest of the world with Strive Coaching Services

Strive Coaching Services is 100% committed to the success of anyone who is dedicated to reaching their next level of success personally, and/or professionally.

I continue to speak on a number of different topics but predominantly leadership, team development and customer service as this is the areas of my deepest passion.

“Your Success is my Passion”


Our Services

Whether a private session or a large speaking event you can always count on Strive for professional, engaging and highly effective support. 

It is our goal to exceed your expectations 100% if the time.

We guide and inspire in both one-on-one sessions as well as group settings. Keep reading to learn more about all the services offerings.


Professional Coaching

Standing Meeting

Leadership Training & Support


True Colors® Workshops

Get Ready to Take Action?

Let us help you achieve new levels of performance and happiness in your business, career and personal life.


Coaching is an incredibly  powerful tool to establish your vision, overcome obstacles and/or figure out the best next step to reach your goals.

With 14 years of coaching experience, Strive knows how to get to where you want to be.


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Prepare to Exceed Your Leadership Goals

As a business owner, executive or manager, there is a tremendous amount of pressure to elevate your team to excellence yet fewer and fewer resources to do it with.


Inspiring others to be their best, to solve their own problems, conflict management and  follow through on are just some of the responsibilities you are charged with as a leader.  Do it well and reap the countless rewards.

With 15 years of leadership experience, Strive will help you stay at the top of your leadership game.

Prepare to Exceed Your Goals

One of our most popular workshops...


TRUE COLORS® is an easily understood model of personality identification for people of all ages and experiences.  It helps us understand and appreciate people’s similarities and differences in values and behaviours.

This can be a private team workshop with specific or general goals.

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